The following shows examples of the type of photo restoration or retouching work we do. Either to improve old, faded and/or damaged prints, or to manipulate a new image to remove or add elements, or just generally improve it. Before and After images are shown with details as to the type of work performed on each.

The left hand image is how the original print looked, faded over time. The bottom bar was an issue on the original print. After scanning, we improved the color and overal quality of the image, and removed the bottom line. This is an exmaple of a "simple" restoration project.

This was an older print, more heavily faded with various scratches and blemishes including a folded over lower right hand corner causing a crease. We were able to extract a lot of the details, remove the scratches and make a much more usable image. This is an example of a medium restoration project.

This image was even older. The original image (not shown) was pretty good with just some fading and scattered, minor, blemishes to clean up, which yielded the image on the left. It was decided to colorize the image to create the image on the right. This is a time consuming process and falls into advanced restoration.

The image on the left was as shot. We needed to isolate the two central lambs, so the other sheep were edited out giving the image on the right. It would be an easy step to take that image and use the same lambs in other images.

This was a senior picture shoot. The left hand image is straight out of the camera, the right hand image is after we removed the braces from his teeth, some minor color tweaking and tighter cropping for printing.